Come join me this Saturday night at our Percussion Ensemble, and meet our very special guest artists Cory Hills and Kenneth McGrath, as we explore the sounds of contemporary percussion.

Cory Hills, a multi-percussionist, composer, and improviser, thrives on breaking down musical barriers through creative, interdisciplinary projects. Having studied widely, recorded in Los Angeles, a member of the Grammy-nominated Los Angeles Percussion Quartet, and performed solo and chamberrecitals throughout the world in Europe, Australia, United States, Mexico, and China, Cory has individually commissioned and premièred over 60 new works for percussion.The Stone - Cory Hills and Clarice Jensen

Percussionist Kenneth McGrath performs regularly with many Southern California leading ensembles, including the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Pacific Symphony, and San Diego Symphony. Kenneth has toured throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. He has contributed to wide range of concerts, including Broadway productions, motion picture soundtrack recordings and broadcasts. He also maintains a private teaching studio in Los Angeles. kenneth-mcgrath-percussion-32

I can’t wait to play with these great musicians!

Join me, guest artists Cory Hills and Ken McGrath, performing with the SUU Percussion Ensemble for a pulsating evening of music next Saturday night.

This free concert is open to the public beginning at 7:30pm Saturday, April 26, in Thorley Recital Hall located in SUU’s Music Building, Cedar City.

The night will be a blast!Percussion Festival CC -tiff

March was a really busy month for me, but so many great things!
On March 22nd I was in Salt Lake City as a guest artist for the Utah Day of Percussion. I did an hour long clinic to about 400 people, it was a huge audience!  There were even people sitting on the floor behind the marimba! I played a few pieces, ‘Individual Lemming’ which has electronics, ‘Blue Memories’ which is always a crowd favorite, and one of my all time favorites ‘In the Fire of Conflict’.
We had great questions and discussions during the clinic as well –  talking about identity in music, about how to find your identity as a performer, and tricks and tools to use in developing your musicianship.

Me the Guest Artist, Wow!

Me the Guest Artist, Wow!

I then went to Maine, performing in a concert at University of Maine Augusta on Tuesday night, and it was awesome! All of the concerts in Maine were titled ‘Dancing on the Head of a Pin’ featuring all the music from my solo album. Later in the week I did a high school concert and played with the students as well as played solo pieces.  
University of Maine - Augusta

University of Maine – Augusta

Finally on the 28th, I did a concert at the University of Maine in Farmington. It was in an amazing art space, called the Emery Community Arts Center, just a beautiful little theater. We were able to project some video, one of the pieces that I play I use the paintings of my friend and artist, Susan Dobay. It was just a really great day and the concert was very well attended!
Arts Institute of Western Maine

Arts Institute of Western Maine

The fun part of the week for me, despite it being very cold in Maine, I got to eat a TON of seafood, lots of lobster, which I LOVE, and I got to try actual ‘steamers’ for the first time. Usually I eat cockleshell clams, it was really fun to try the steamers and just have fun enjoying amazing food. To top it off I was able to catch up with some old friends and collaborate with them!  I LOVE Maine and can’t wait to go back!

Awesome Seafood!

Awesome Seafood!

This few weeks have been full of local performances in Cedar City! This time Tyler Braun asked Darin and I to perform our piece we played recently at the Cedar City Arts Council event. It was a great fundraiser for Groovefest, a music festival that happens every summer here in Cedar City. The fundraiser had silent art auctions, spoken poetry, and music! We played our piece: Wayfarer’s Song with Darin on Push and me on the udu drum, bodhran, cajon, and piano!  It is such a cool space to perform in and a lot of people attended! It was another great success as two people asked us for CDs! Image

See you soon!


Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.11.25 PMCedar City Arts Council had their spring social in Cedar City’s newest art gallery, Gallery GALA. It was such a beautiful space and seriously so fun to perform in! Cedar City’s Centro Pizzeria even catered!!! I was invited by the CCAC as a grant recipient to perform in this event! I thought this would be a fun opportunity to perform one of my newest project! One of my students, Darin and I performed an electro-acoustic piece that we composed and actually premiered at this event! It was a great success and people seemed to really enjoy it!

Yet another terrific Satellite Salon Series weekend in Cedar City! Our mime C. Nicholas Johnson was wonderful with all of his masterclasses with our dancers, actors, and musicians. He had many exercises to work out our students’ ability to break personal barriers, as well as physical coordination! Nick also was so great to work with, and our rehearsals were a lot of fun! We had many pieces that he performed in, and the show was a great success! We also had SUU’s graphic designer professor Jeff Hanson collaborate in this concert by adding his visuals to the piece “Sense and Innocence”. SUU’s newest president also attended this event!!! This will be part of his 100 days blog, and he told us that he had a great time and enjoyed the concert! Image

The concert began with a comedy skit with Darin and I searching for Nick while he was sneaking down the audience towards the stage. He then began the first number with a silence piece that involved the audience. There were constant laughter I was hearing while I was backstage so I think it went very well!!


The last piece was a tango Darin and I performed called “Musical Pictures” while Nick performed his comedic mime story about a man falling in love with a woman. The Dean Shauna Mendini even helped with his make-up!


Another completely different Satellite Salon filled the house and had many laughs and seemed to inspire many yet again!

Pre-Satellite Salon!

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it has only been two months since our last Satellite Salon event! It seems like it was forever ago!!! This time is going to be completely different than our last Day of the Dead themed event. This Saturday we will have a concert featuring a Mime! That’s right a Mime! He will be on stage and performing with most of the percussion pieces that I will be playing. I think it is going to be really cool! I have some advance copies of my new CD ready and waiting so I will play several pieces from it including Toccata and Sense and Innocence.  We have some electronic/acoustic pieces that my student Darin and I will perform that will fit the theme very effectively. Our piece that we have written is a gamelan inspired piece called “Jakarta”. The last piece we will perform is a vibraphone/marimba duo that is a nice tango. I think this concert has a lot of variety musically, and with the mime it will be very interesting! He has three costumes that he will be performing with: one that is all black, one that is split vertically for a man and woman characters, and one that is man entirely of Crown Royal whiskey bags! 

I can’t wait for the concert and I hope to see you there!




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