This few weeks have been full of local performances in Cedar City! This time Tyler Braun asked Darin and I to perform our piece we played recently at the Cedar City Arts Council event. It was a great fundraiser for Groovefest, a music festival that happens every summer here in Cedar City. The fundraiser had silent art auctions, spoken poetry, and music! We played our piece: Wayfarer’s Song with Darin on Push and me on the udu drum, bodhran, cajon, and piano!  It is such a cool space to perform in and a lot of people attended! It was another great success as two people asked us for CDs! Image

See you soon!


Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.11.25 PMCedar City Arts Council had their spring social in Cedar City’s newest art gallery, Gallery GALA. It was such a beautiful space and seriously so fun to perform in! Cedar City’s Centro Pizzeria even catered!!! I was invited by the CCAC as a grant recipient to perform in this event! I thought this would be a fun opportunity to perform one of my newest project! One of my students, Darin and I performed an electro-acoustic piece that we composed and actually premiered at this event! It was a great success and people seemed to really enjoy it!

Yet another terrific Satellite Salon Series weekend in Cedar City! Our mime C. Nicholas Johnson was wonderful with all of his masterclasses with our dancers, actors, and musicians. He had many exercises to work out our students’ ability to break personal barriers, as well as physical coordination! Nick also was so great to work with, and our rehearsals were a lot of fun! We had many pieces that he performed in, and the show was a great success! We also had SUU’s graphic designer professor Jeff Hanson collaborate in this concert by adding his visuals to the piece “Sense and Innocence”. SUU’s newest president also attended this event!!! This will be part of his 100 days blog, and he told us that he had a great time and enjoyed the concert! Image

The concert began with a comedy skit with Darin and I searching for Nick while he was sneaking down the audience towards the stage. He then began the first number with a silence piece that involved the audience. There were constant laughter I was hearing while I was backstage so I think it went very well!!


The last piece was a tango Darin and I performed called “Musical Pictures” while Nick performed his comedic mime story about a man falling in love with a woman. The Dean Shauna Mendini even helped with his make-up!


Another completely different Satellite Salon filled the house and had many laughs and seemed to inspire many yet again!

Pre-Satellite Salon!

Hey everyone! I can’t believe it has only been two months since our last Satellite Salon event! It seems like it was forever ago!!! This time is going to be completely different than our last Day of the Dead themed event. This Saturday we will have a concert featuring a Mime! That’s right a Mime! He will be on stage and performing with most of the percussion pieces that I will be playing. I think it is going to be really cool! I have some advance copies of my new CD ready and waiting so I will play several pieces from it including Toccata and Sense and Innocence.  We have some electronic/acoustic pieces that my student Darin and I will perform that will fit the theme very effectively. Our piece that we have written is a gamelan inspired piece called “Jakarta”. The last piece we will perform is a vibraphone/marimba duo that is a nice tango. I think this concert has a lot of variety musically, and with the mime it will be very interesting! He has three costumes that he will be performing with: one that is all black, one that is split vertically for a man and woman characters, and one that is man entirely of Crown Royal whiskey bags! 

I can’t wait for the concert and I hope to see you there!



This year’s honor band festival was such a huge success! We had more percussionists this year than we’ve ever had! They also were overall one of the most talented groups we’ve had. The students all played very well and had fun with one of the combined pieces called Foundry composed by John Mackey which used 15 percussionists!!! This piece had a loud, bombastic, and metallic percussion section that everything from break drums, marching snare drums, chains, tom-toms, a large array of cymbals, and more! I think they all enjoyed this piece and had a lot of fun here at SUU!ImageImage

Start of the Semester

So with a nice Christmas break that of course never lasts long enough, I’m ready to start a new semester! We rearranged the studio and everyone is excited for a good start to practicing and getting a great program together! We are going to be busy with touring, performing, and getting ready for China in May! Our first performance is the first week of school so I think it might be a sign that we will be a little busy this semester. :) We will be touring with the percussion ensemble to Kanab and to Las Vegas with the band. Something unusual this semester is that the studio is all guys! It is so cool to see all of them with their individual personalities and what they can do to bring each other together and create music!





Catch Your Breath Tour!

Hey everyone! The “Catch Your Breath” Chicago Tour was so much fun! Matthew Coley and I (the Solstice Duo) collaborated with the Co’Motion dance company from Iowa. We went to Chicago for a week and performed in Links Hall. The space was really great, it was a small intimate space and our choreographer and designer Valerie Williams projected video on the wall while we performed! There are two theatres in Links Hall and between them is a jazz bar! Third Coast Percussion performed here just a week ago so it was really cool to be performing in the Chicago scene!Image


The show was a combination of dance, music, and visual arts. There were two dancers, Ben and Elizabeth, who were so awesome! They were dancing for most of the numbers and there was always some sort of video to go along with it. For part of the show they used a program called Isadora which allows sound and dance be completely integrated! The projector makes a 3 dimensional grid of the space, and then it can associate sound with specific parts of the grid, so as they are moving they are triggering the sound! Where there bodies move is exactly where the sound is coming from and how the pitch changes. Really cool!


One day we visited the old Deagan building and for me that was a highlight since I hadn’t been there before. There are historical newspapers about marimbas, vibes, and all kinds of posters of historical moments in keyboard percussion! It was so cool to see some of the old instruments that they had there as well! There were also other instruments there such as theatre bells and even a five-octave xylophone!


While there we visited the makers of the Cannae Sonora, an instrument that looks like tall thin aluminum chimes. You play them by rubbing the bars with gloves to produce an eerie, ethereal sound! They loaned us some of these instruments for our show and we used them alone as well as with marimbas.


I was really pleased with how integrated the dance, music and visual art was for our show, and LOVED meeting Elizabeth, Ben and Valerie!!!  They were so great and I have a feeling that we are going to collaborate again soon! :)








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