Satellite Salon “Power Play: An Electric Evening of Music”

Hi everyone! Here’s a quick recap on last week’s Satellite Salon concert!

Composer, Jason Francesco Heath, and violist, Alma Fernandez, came out from LA about a week before the concert and we spent every day in rehearsals. We did an entire program of Jason’s music, including two world premieres. One was called Lynn’s Lunch Box and the other was called Indestructible Wakefulness for Viola and Marimba, which had a really cool bowed marimba section in the middle. Jason also incorporated live electronics for every single piece and they sounded super awesome!

As part of Jason’s program, there was a sound installation built in the lobby. We hung a bunch of cymbals and put speakers on top of all the cymbals. There were all kinds of bowed sounds and rainforest sounds going on in the lobby! It took a few days to put all this together and the installation was up all day Friday and Saturday.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.21.59 PMAlma in rehearsal mode

IMG_7879Lobby Sound Installation

IMG_7877Attaching mics to the cymbals

IMG_7883Hanging cymbals from the ceiling!

IMG_7882Jason and the cymbal crew!

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.21.20 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 7.21.37 PMOur lovely view of the week

And of course, Satellite Salon would not be complete without a party at my house! We had that on Friday night and it was hilarious! There was a drum circle, lit balloons, and all kinds of craziness. It was just an amazing time sharing music with Jason and Alma, and they were just so awesome to have for this series!


Back To School!

Hey everyone!

The Spring semester is now in full swing and I’m excited for what’s to come. I always look forward to the fresh start of the new semester, for all the goals that students set for themselves. It’s so exciting to help make their goals happen and to see how they grow from semester to semester.

20160120_174355A “view from my office”

I’m super excited about all the new percussion ensemble music and I think the students are too. I love how they wait and ask me everyday when they will get their new music and it’s always fun presenting the new program to them.
We are going to be performing a lot of pieces this semester. We’re really excited about Ivan Trevino’s Almanty. We are also going to do a great arrangement of Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, which is put out by the publisher, Edition Svitzer’s. We’re also doing Room for 4, which is a great piece for two dumbeks and two cajons.
We don’t have any new students this semester, but we have a returning student, Crystal Clarke. She was on an LDS mission and has come back to the ensemble this year. No one is graduating this year, which is super exciting! Lydia Bradshaw did graduate in December and we miss her for sure, but nobody is graduating this spring. We just finished our High School Honor Band Festival, have some recitals coming up, but other than that, I’m really looking forward to working with all my returning students!

New Year, New Journey

Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and I am really excited to see what 2016 has in store for me. There is always that question of what my new year’s resolution will be, what my goals are, etc., Lately, I’ve been really into the idea of simplicity and really exploring mindfulness. I am going to find some more time to read and think quietly in 2016! My first steps into this process are to find a few moments in the day to just sit and think quietly – no phone, no noise, just me and my thoughts!

I’m interested to see how it can impact my creativity, musicianship and overall being. I’m sure it will be an amazing journey of growth and inspiration and I will share my thoughts and experiences about them through my blog and newsletter. So stay tuned and I hope everyone is having a happy new year!


Tylor’s Junior Recital

Hi everyone,

One of my students, Tylor Williams, just finished his Junior Percussion Recital!

IMG_6740Before the recital!

He played a couple of interesting pieces like Ogre Ballet by Casey Cangelosi. It’s a really cool piece that imitates an ogre walking or dancing by using two big bass drums and a pair of bongos. He did a nice piece for soprano and vibraphone called Four Bashō Haiku by Jorge Vidales. They are short, elegant pieces and all very beautiful. He also played Into The Air by Ivan Trevino, with another student, Jordan Nielson. Those two were just having such a great time playing together and hopefully they will do a whole program together in the spring. Great job Tylor!

IMG_6741Hand Held Shots by Michael Kosch

IMG_6742Four Bashō Haiku


For Thanksgiving, I went to… LAS VEGAS!

I saw the show Absinthe at Cesar’s Palace and that was really cool. It’s definitely not for everybody because it’s a little risque. But man! The acts were just amazing. It was a very small, intimate circus show but they do all these really cool and beautiful performances. It was really awesome!

File Nov 30, 5 07 00 PMWatching Absinthe in Vegas!

File Nov 30, 5 06 49 PMCheeses from Jaleo

File Nov 30, 5 06 38 PMSingapore noodles!

And I had an awesome meal at Jaleo, a really nice Spanish restaurant in the Cosmopolitan hotel. That was Thanksgiving this year! Then I had just a couple of days at home to relax to prepare for finals, juries and the end of the semester. Woohoo!

– Lynn

PASIC 2015!

Hi everyone!

PASIC was so extremely inspiring, so extremely exciting, and exhausting at the same time! I was in the booth with Marimba One most of the time, and I was just so happy to now start to see, now that I’ve been at Southern Utah for some time, to see my alumni in action. Joe was working with me in the booth, Darin performed with Texas Christian University, and all of my studio of ten SUU percussion students went.

IMG_6403The SUU Percussion Studio!

IMG_6401My student, Taylor Armstrong (center) who performed
in the Accessories Lab at PASIC

IMG_6400Deviled Eggs at the River Walk

IMG_6402An awesome whiskey drink with of course… french fries!

File Nov 30, 4 32 53 PMWith Ronni from Denmark, who’s living in Brazil right now!

IMG_6398The studio with Darin (center in black) who performed
with Texas Christian University

There were some great clinics throughout, the River Walk was so beautiful to walk on and to eat. It was also great running into old friends and making new ones!

– Lynn

Recent Gigs!

Hi all!

Had a blast playing with Shane Summers last week!  We played Third Rail by John Ling and had such a good time we are planning on putting a while program together!  How cool!

Lynn and Shane

Also, Kevin Bobo was in residence at SUU last week as well!  The student enjoyed him so much and he had us laughing and sharing all great things about music!


On and while I was in LA a few weeks ago I did a masterclass at Cal State Fullerton!  What a great studio!


Its been a busy but very inspiring time!