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Satellite Salon!

Satellite Salon was so amazing!  To date, this one had the most moving parts to it in terms of logistics, but everything went so smoothly!

We had a high school and college workshop Friday afternoon, a huge party at my house Friday night, and a children’s event on Saturday morning! We had something like 70 kids for the children’s event – it was wild!  They were dancing like animals as Alison, myself and my friend, Tyler Braun played!  The whole event was wonderful and I am so proud of this series.  We even had a new “set” design for the recital hall that included parachutes lit from the floor with color!  Fun!

The concert was Saturday evening. Alison played so beautifully, and it was so great to play with her too!  She played several harp favorites, and together we played three pieces that are really great for harp and marimba. The scariest was the Damase 5 Conversations, because it was so chromatic and had so many odd meters!  A few people said it was their favorite because it sounded like such an exchange of conversation between the two instruments.  Then we played Querido Amigo by percussionist and composer Ney Rosauro, which is an absolutely delightful piece!  It is very sweet and warm, and such fun to play.  We ended the program with Dance Movements by Robin Engelman, which is so very alluring and really pairs the two instruments to the best of both!  If you haven’t heard it you should check it out!  It was a favorite of the audience.

We also had dancers collaborating with us, two from SUU faculty and one visiting from NYC! It was so incredible to watch the week unfold and work with them. Paul Ocampo and Shannon Vance were from SUU, and they danced both alone with Alison and then together with both of us.  Visiting collaborator, Lane Gifford, joined us for the Dance Movements.  It was amazing to create together in this way.


One comment on “Satellite Salon!

  1. Marissa Brown
    February 13, 2012

    Love the pics!

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