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Organization – Part 2 – The First Steps to do NOW!


Hi Everyone!

Since school is just starting, I thought it was a good time to continue talking about organization! I mentioned before in this blog about the programs I like to use to stay organized, and now I want to make some suggestions for students who may be just getting started on their organizational path in music!

  1. Take notes during the day!!!!!! This is the #1 thing that I see in students that can be improved. There is so much information flying around in classes and meetings and ensembles, and there is no way you can remember it all! Besides that, if you are keeping it all in your head that is taking up valuable space just to remember that and that space you could be using for other things! Just write things down as they come at you! You will be much less overwhelmed if you have it all written where you can tackle it later. Keeping things swirling in your head, or not knowing if you remembered everything if a definite recipe for stress. Also, from a “boss” or “directors” standpoint, it makes me really nervous about someone when I don’t see them writing it down. I have also heard other people say they don’t trust people who don’t write things down so I know I am not the only one who gets nervous about this!
  1. Look at you calendar frequently and put everything in there! During the week, let your calendar rule. Let it tell you when to practice, when to work out, when to have lunch and of course when to go to class and rehearsal. Again its less for you to decide and figure out in the day – just do what your calendar tells you! Put it all in there, schedule your blocks, and then follow your calendar as the boss of your day. Then, on the weekend, let things be a bit less structured so you don’t feel too chained to it!
  1. Have storage lists for Immediate ToDs, Later ToDos and Sometime Ideas. You can arrange this however you like, but the problem that I see is that people make their lists so huge that things to be done next month are right next to things that have to be done every day….and that is stressful. I recommend a “HOT LIST” for things that need to be done right away, and “NEXT UP” list for things coming, and then a “Sometime” or “Ideas” list for other things that you want to check out or remember but that aren’t urgent or necessary. I use Trello for that and love it!

So there are some tips to get you going – more to come soon! Happy studying and Happy Practicing!!!!!!




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