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Life-Changing Tools That Will Improve The Way You Organize

Everybody who knows me knows that I LOVE organization. Author and television presenter, Alton Brown said “organization will set you free” and I couldn’t agree more. I think having things organized in your life gives a sense of peace and calm even during the busiest times. It makes life and work go so much smoother and keeps me on track with all my projects. In order to be efficient and productive you need your tasks laid out clearly and you need a quick way to access and work on them. But the key to organization is that it has to be easy. It won’t set you free if it causes more stress than your projects themselves! Over the years, I have discovered and used several tools that make my daily life so much easier and more organized. These are all free and they will automatically sync across all of your devices. They all have a specific purpose and combined together, they will make a huge difference in the way you handle your busy schedule!

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  1. Spark: I receive tons of emails a day and my inbox can get very hectic if I don’t stay on track! Spark is an app that helps me organize and prioritize my emails quickly so that I don’t miss anything. It allows you to create a lot of signatures that you can use for different purposes, email templates that I often use for bulk emails and offers quick replies settings. The app also has options such as snooze if you get an email that doesn’t need to be answered right away or reminders that will notify you if you haven’t received a reply to an important email. Finally, it organizes your inbox in sections (personal, newsletters, notifications…) so that you can easily access your most important emails. Spark helps me get my inbox down to zero and that gives me the best feeling of accomplishment!
  2. Asana: Asana is a project management tool that I use with my A.P.E.X. team. Although there are several similar apps, I find that this one is the most flexible and easiest to use. It is an amazing tool if you work with a team and you need everyone to be on the same page. It allows you to stay updated with all your projects and everyone can add to the tasks which helps with creativity and productivity within the team. Each project is organized in sections and each section is divided in tasks. Once a task is completed, everyone is notified and you can move on to the next one! It has been a great help with A.P.E.X. Events and is definitely a game changer!
  3. The iPhone reminder app: For my day to day to-do list organization, I definitely reach for the reminder app on iPhone the most. It might seem like an obvious choice but it is a great way to quickly write down ideas, tasks, lists, etc. Even if I’m on the go or busy with something else, I can pull it up instantly and make sure that nothing gets forgotten among all the craziness! Its faster to pull up than any other program I have found!
  4. Evernote: It is the best way to take notes and organize them. It will take text, voice, or photo notes for you and sort them all in dashboards that you can customize. Like Asana, it is a great tool to use with a group of people. I use it to share entire notebooks with my music students and for myself to store personal notes like articles, recipes, outfits, etc. It is a great way to be inspired and to improve your creativity while staying organized!

I hope that these tips were helpful and that you will give those apps a try! I’m always looking to improve the way I organize so I would love to know what your favorite tools are!

Have a great productive week!



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