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Going Plastic Free

Last month, documentary filmmaker Chris Jordan gave a talk for A.P.E.X. Events and I was really affected by his visit. Although I was already interested in going plastic free, watching his film “Albatross” really had a strong impact on me.

I’ve been little by little trying to make some changes in my life and in my house to go plastic free. It is going be a long process and I know the changes I make may not have a massive impact overall but at least I know that I am doing my part and I’m not contributing to the horrible effects of plastic pollution on animals. I have taken a few steps to start my plastic free journey and I will share them with you today. I hope to make this a series where I can share with you my thoughts as I make this transition!

4 Ocean: It is a Florida-based company that sales really cute bracelets and pledges to pull 1 pound of trash out of the oceans for every single bracelet sold. I found out about 4 Ocean through Austrian tennis player, Dominic Thiem, who is always sporting them and is a big supporter of this cause. They have so far conducted missions in 27 countries and removed over 4 MILLION pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines in less than 2 years! Their bracelets are also a great and meaningful gift idea! Send one to a friend!

I decided to share my transition by room so that I can focus on one area of the house and take small steps that way. For the bathroom, I started simple by replacing my plastic shower caps. I know it sounds silly but everything adds up in the end. There is a brand called Shhhower Cap, and they sell machine washable, completely waterproof and super cute shower caps. I also got a bamboo toothbrush with biodegradable bristles which is amazing and I switched out my loofa for a natural sponge. Last but not least, I replaced my shampoo and conditioner for an environmentally friendly brand called Plaine. They have really nice quality shampoo, conditioners, lotions, face and body wash that I love to use. The way it works is you return the empty bottles at no cost and the company refills them!

These are a few of the early steps that I have taken towards a plastic free life. Like any life change, getting rid of plastic will take time, so I would love to continue this series as I discover even more environmentally friendly options for every area of my house!! Let me know if you have tips and tricks that I can incorporate into my new lifestyle and see you next time!


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