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Mini Boost! Episode 1

Introducing “Mini Boost”! This will be a weekly series in which I will briefly talk about an article that really inspired me and that I want to share with you on my blog in a quick way to hopefully inspire you as well!! To start off this series, check out this article by Marc Chernoff from his blog “Marc & Angel” – 18 Great Reminders When You’re Having a Bad Day. It’s a great read to start the week! The idea for the article came from a conversation the author had with his 71 year-old father about living and growing through adversity. I really love how we can learn from the generations above us! One thing his father said to him was:

“Most people aren’t truly happy until they’ve had many reasons to be sad.  I believe this is because it takes all of those bad days and hardships to teach us how to truly appreciate what we have.  It builds our resilience.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about resilience lately so this really resonates with me. He goes on by saying that your thoughts are really the only thing you can control, so you need to learn the art of letting go.

Of all the reminders he lists in the article, I love #4 “You can learn something important from every situation if you want to”, this entire paragraph is so true and so motivating! I also love “you are not a victim” and “the best way to move forward is one tiny step at a time.” This is so true with practicing, even if you feel unmotivated or discouraged, if you start with one note, you will inevitably move on to the next one, and the next one, eventually playing an entire partition.

I hope you liked the first ever mini boost and I will see you next week!!

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