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My trip to Syracuse, NYC and Miami!

I was so lucky to be able to travel to NYC, Syracuse and Miami back in April! I had such a great time playing concerts and giving masterclasses, and wanted to share a few special moments from my travels!

A while ago I posted about how interested I was in the art of Basquiat and I didn’t know it at the time how much the universe was listening! I was walking down the streets of amazing NYC, when a stranger approached me. She was an artist and asked me if I wanted to come with her to see a private art show. Total New York moment!! It was so off the wall and I was a bit taken by surprise, thinking I didn’t have time to go, but that voice inside said “this is one of those opportunities you should say yes to.” So…I went and it was an huge collection of Basquiat’s art! I’m really happy I took a leap of faith and accepted to go because it was such a special moment in time. Thank you to Nicole (who’s not a stranger anymore!) for offering me this moment!

NYC really is the greatest place for art enthusiasts. I spent a couple of days there and saw different museums including MOMA. I spent an afternoon drifting in and out of the different rooms, admiring famous artworks and discovering new artists whom I wasn’t aware of. MOMA is really a must-see if you are ever in NYC!

The last leg of my trip was Miami and as soon as I arrived, I fell in love! I saw the sunset and it stole my heart, as I know it does for many. Jack Mizutani was the most amazing host and I was so honored to stay with him and see his world. And aaaahhh the graffiti art!! I have always loved street art and I follow a lot of graffiti artists, but it was amazing to be able to see some of the world’s best pieces right before my eyes – check out Wynwood Walls if you want to see it!

We also had Hot Pot! I don’t remember the last time I’ve eaten that much but it was SO good. We also went to a baseball game and Jack treated me to a breath-taking brunch the morning I left (check out the picture of the dessert OMG).

I am so thankful to Kathleen, Jack and Marisa who hosted me and made my visit unforgettable!!! Thank you, thank you! My next big trip will be to Perth & Sydney, Australia in July and I am excited to share more of my adventures with you!

Stay tuned!


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