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Mini Boost: Marie Kondo’s Best Daily Habits

No matter how you may feel about her, one thing is for sure, Marie Kondo has had a huge impact on our culture this year! I really love the five daily habits she listed in this awesome article.

This is a great little read if you don’t want to watch her Netflix series, or read her book, although I highly recommend them! I love all of her tips but my two favorites are:

“Sip What Sparks Joy Each Morning”

I totally do this every single morning! Whether it is herbal tea, sparkling water, smoothies, etc, I think drinking something that makes you happy can set the tone for your entire day. It is also something to look forward to when you first get out of bed!

“Return Each Belonging to Its Designated Place”

If you are a crazy organizer like me, you know this is THE most important thing to do. People ask me why I’m so organized and it is because it is the only way I can function. If I don’t put things back in their place, then it is a total war zone everywhere I go! It’s important to have a place for everything so it’s easy and fast to put things away!

What do you think about the Konmari Method? Do you have any daily rituals? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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