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Living Plastic-Free: My Bathroom Favorites

This is part two of my plastic free update! This week, I’m going through my plastic free findings for the bathroom and shower.

The first items I’ve been loving are products from the brand Plaine. They are refillable pump bottles for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash and they have replaced all my old shower products. Similar to the dishsoap mentionned in my previous post, Plaine is a subcription service. You will get your products delivered and send them back when you are ready for a refill. They are a bit pricier than your regular drugstore products but they are vegan, organic, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly which makes it so worth it to me. AND they are way better for your hair, free of chemicals like sulfate and parabens among others.

Plaine Products

I’ve also been using a bath mitt made out of natural fibers for exfoliating to replace a plastic loofa. It’s pretty scratchy and abrasive so it might not be for everyone but I really like how it exfoliates and it wakes me up in the morning!

I am still using and loving the cute, washable and reuseable shower caps from Shhhowercap. I had mentioned them in my previous post and I still swear by them so those are a defintite keep for me. If you also use shower caps daily, I highly recommend those!


Plastic tooth brushes are so bad for the environment. A billion toothbrushes are tossed away every year in the U.S alone and they take 400 years to decompose… Thankfully, I’ve found a great alternative with bamboo toothbrushes from Brush Naked. This company delivers to you a year of supply and you can get rid of the toothbrushes once a month. The handles are made from 100% bamboo and the nylon, plant-based, and charcoal bristle make them completely bio-degradable.

Brush Naked

For my face, I got rid of all my cotton rounds and makeup remover wipes. Instead, I’m using Face Halo micro fiber rounds that are washable and reuseable. Just add bit of water and they take off all your makeup. They’re amazing!

Face Halo

These are all things I swear by and recommend, and then there are products I am still trying out and some that just didn’t work out for me. I switched from a platic razor to a metal safety razor. It’s a little harder to use so I’m still deciding if I like it or not. I tried but am not using the Bite Toothpaste Bits. They’re all-natural drops that you bite before brushing your teeth. I like the idea of a “tubeless” toothpaste but they don’t clean as well and they’re toxic to dogs so I didn’t want them in the house. Finally, I tried homemade, paper packaging deodorants and, well, they just don’t work as well for me!! I’m still on the hunt for an aluminum free AND plastic free deodorant, not an easy thing to find!

I hope you liked reading about my new finds and as always, I’d love to hear your recommendations!



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